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Typhoon Bopha Emergency Relief Evalution: Safely Tiding Through The Storm
When Typhoon Bopha struck, Meryn thought that this would be the end of her and the 7-month-old baby in her tummy. Petrified, she lay flat on the ground while the earthwrecking winds took away her house. “I am so grateful that my baby and I made it out alive,” she said as she recounted the frightening experience to ADRA China Country Director Linda Zhu. With a grant of 1.2 million from the Hong Kong Government, ADRA China and ADRA Philippines worked hand-in-hand to provide food aid to 6,225 families affected by the Typhoon in the Municipality of Baganga in Davao Oriental, Philippines from January to March, 2013. Two months later, the evaluation team from ADRA China and ADRA Philippines are back to conduct an assessment of the aid given. “Each time I spoke about the typhoon, the adults shook with fear, “ said the ADRA China Country Director, who is part of the evaluation team. “Now whenever there is a rain, the babies will start to cry. The trauma has left a deep scar on their psyche,” she said. Through focus groups, interim reports and interviews with beneficiaries, local authorities and staff, the effectiveness and timeliness of the aid came under scrutiny. In this evaluation, ADRA China found that the project met all its relief goals.
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