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Help Typhoon Haiyan Survivors
You would probably have seen many heart wrenching scenes of Tyhoon Haiyan’s destructive power splattered across the news. This super typhoon, possibly the strongest storm ever to be recorded in history, blasted through central Philippines and ran entire cities to the ground on November 8, 2013. The stories coming out of the Philippines are unimaginable – monster wind exceeding 300km/h tearing children away from their parents’ arms while giant waves wash away homes. The death toll stands at 4,000 but it is expected to increase as more affected areas become accessible. An estimated 11 million people were affected and over 630,000 forced from their homes. It is estimated that 1.7 million children are living in the areas hit by the catastrophy. While the impact of the disaster is still being assessed, UNICEF expects these children to be among the most vulnerable in the aftermath of the disaster. An international call for aid has been made and that appeal is magnified by the voices of people crying out for their missing loved ones or grieving for their dead. For a people that have lost everything, ADRA is doing all we can to preserve the living. Before the typhoon made landfall, ADRA’s emergency response team have been prepositioned ahead of the disaster to ensure that critical humanitarian supplies are immediately delivered to the most affected. At the onset of the disaster, our staff began their initial response and is currently on the ground feeding the people, providing clean water and shelter. But more needs to be done. Some areas have been completely flattened and people are living out in the open – exposed to the elements and vulnerable to disease. There are people right now who can be saved and the solution could be as simple as antibiotics that cost a penny. But days turn to weeks as more than 11 million people wait for the much needed food, water, shelter and medical aid. Panic and anxiety escalates as aid trickles in slowly. The survivors of the storm have immense needs that demand lifesaving assistance immediately. We need to get the bare necessities of life to the survivors - now. Join us as we help those who have lost everything. Give because a penny might save a life.
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