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Baby can live healthy is not as easy as we think in some part of the world, Barla and her baby have faced the sadness of it...
In June 8 – 10, 2008, ADRA has done a HIV/AIDs training program in Chifeng City, Neimenggu Province followed up by the one ADRA China has done in March,2007. Around 30 students from 7 different Colleges attended this training activity. This training was carried out with by games and different kinds of interacting activities, to let students learn about HIV and how to prevent it. This project does not only focus on the learning part but also to let student develop their leadership a...
From March to December 2007, ADRA China has worked together with the ChiFung Provence’s Health Department, to host a workshop for student leaders from four high schools. The workshop was held with dramas, presentations and group discussion.
The first case of HIV in China was reported in 1985. In August 2001, the Chinese government admitted that the country was facing a serious AIDS crisis. According to the Health Ministry’s latest report in early 2006, the total number of people infected with HIV is about 650,000; on average, 190 new infections occur each day; one percent of pregnant women are HIV carrier. In 2005, 48% of new infections were the result of sexual contact; therefore, HIV/AIDS is not only a disease for high-risk g...
As China drives for economic development, there are around 150 million mobile people in the cities. In rural village, peasants’ lands and fields have been taken back by the Chinese government for expanding infrastructure and building landmarks. Nowadays, peasants who used to farm are seeking low-skilled jobs within rural and urban areas; these migrant workers flow with the occupational wave to where there are higher chances for making an income. They usually seek for labor intensive job...
Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia
As December 1 nears, the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) is preparing for the annual commemoration of World AIDS Day, an international day of action against the HIV and AIDS epidemic around the world. ADRA's theme for 2006, "AIDS can be stopped only when we realize it's everyone's challenge," encourages people everywhere to realize the disease affects everyone, no matter their age, gender, or lifestyle. World AIDS Day, which was established by the Wor...
HIV/AIDS Prevention Promotion
High birth and illiteracy rates, HIV /AIDS, and lack of access to health care and potable water are stifling the potential of many children and parents. To combat this, ADRA establishes community-based health services and education programs. Special emphasis is placed on child survival, nutrition, sanitation, smoking cessation and prevention, HIV / AIDS, functional adult literacy, and child abuse issues. For sustainability, ADRA trains community health workers and traditional birth atten...
ADRA provides immunizations, clean water, sanitation, health care worker training, HIV and AIDS education, community-based health programs, and fights tobacco use to help reduce the millions that die each year—especially children—from preventable health causes.
Total - 11 Items
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