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Saving Lives in China Through Community Healthcare
ADRA is teaching community health workers (CHWs) across the Tibetan Plateau in Western China, where there is little health care. CHWs receive training regularly, learning key concepts for safe maternal/child health.


In the past, barefoot doctors (individuals who have received basic minimal medical training) existed in each Chinese village. Today, these traditional barefoot doctors are known as the village doctor and are very active in Zaduo’s 31 villages. Most of the village doctors work out of their homes or tents, as clinics do not exist. But even the village doctors are unable to reach all the way to Zaduo’s remote pasturelands or wintering valleys, which can be days away by horseback from the nearest rudimentary health facility. Many women deliver their babies alone at home, significantly increasing their health risks.
Your generous support helps ADRA carry out effective interventions for families living in extreme poverty in remote places.
"I am 24 years old and spent my days herding yak before ADRA trained me as a CHW (community health worker)," says Sangzhong. "While yak are our most valuable possession, being a CHW is valuable work too, even though it is volunteer work, because I am learning and helping others, and this gives me a feeling I never had herding yaks."
Sangzhong continues, "Yes, being a CHW is difficult work, as the roads are bad and easily flooded by the rains and mountain streams. We have seven months of snow and ice that is usually a minimum of 2 feet deep, and the temperature goes down to minus 15 degrees and lower. I have 10 families in my care that I see each month, and during critical times I visit a family two to three times in the month. I used to ask the villagers to share with me who the expectant mothers in the village are. Now they approach me to tell me without my asking. Everyone is seeing the importance of this work and the benefits to the community. In addition to my CHW training, I enjoy helping the village doctor, Guolai, with delivering babies. With each delivery, I learn something new. I hope ADRA will be able to provide more training so I can learn even more about health issues and how to be more help to the people in our villages."
ADRA is teaching, empowering, and saving lives on the Tibetan Plateau and around the world. Will you help us?
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