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They need your help! Rural families in Sichuan, China won't be able to have access to clean renewable energy if we don't meet our target goal of HK$540,000
by the end of this year. Donate now!

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This is Luke, ADRA China's country director 

 Luke ran in the 14km City to Surf fun-run in Sydney, Australia this August and all money he raised will go toward building household bio-gas systems for poor families in rural Sichuan. ADRA China is building 120 units this year and each unit costs 5500 HKD so every dollar counts!


Sichuan, China
2012 - Present 

Project Overview 

Many rural households in the Sichuan province of China are reliant on coal or wood burning stoves
for cooking. This causes air pollution and strain on an already limited income with many families surviving on only $4,000 HKD annually. By providing a biogas system to these households, families will be able to use organic waste produced by plants and animals to create biogas. ADRA helps families install biogas systems in their homes that eliminates the need to purchase wood or coal. Biogas also produces less smoke than traditional coal or wood fires providing a cleaner environment and a healthier life. The leftover organic slurry produced by the biogas unit can also be used as fertilizer. The Biogas Project not only helps beneficiaries save money and time but also it has a positive effect on the environment, on health and can provide an extra source of income and food security for these families for years to come!


ADRA China hosts volunteer trips to visit the project and to help build the household biogas systems every summer

For more information, click here

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Mr. Wong

Mr. Wong's father is disabled and unable to walk, his mother has an eye disability and his two children are both currently in high school. The whole family’s financial burdens all fall onto Mr Wong’s shoulders.

“Thanks to ADRA China’s sponsorship my family is now using clean gas to cook. I also learned to use the biogas slurry to fertilize fruit trees. By selling the fruits, I can earn enough income to pay my parents’ health cost and provide tuition fees for my two children”.

With support from ADRA and Mr Wong’s hard work, he is able to attain a sustainable income and improve the living conditions of his family.

To help families like Mr. Wong's, donate to the ADRA China Biogas Project