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It seems catastrophic natural disasters have become more and more common. Thousands were affected by Typhoon Mangkhut, the strongest tropical cyclone in the world while just weeks later the earthquakes and tsunamis in Indonesia caused even more death and destruction. Disasters can come suddenly without warning but its effects can be felt for years.

Thousands have lost their homes and livelihoods. To help those that have suffered from these terrible tragedies, ADRA China is hosting a Christmas Benefit Concert for Disaster Relief, to provide the hope for those that have suffered and lost so much.



This is Jennifer Wanya, she is 20 years old and her home was completely destroyed by Typhoon Mangkhut. When the strong winds started destroying her home at 4 in the morning, Jennifer and her family safely evacuated and found shelter at her grandmother’s house. It was only later when they returned did they realize that it may have been a good thing that their house was destroyed.They discovered that a large tree had fallen exactly where their home used to be but because they were forced to evacuate sooner Jennifer and her family were not harmed.  

Although Jennifer and her family are safe, there is still so much more work that needs to be done. Join us as we help raise funds for families like Jennifer’s.


The ADRA China Christmas Benefit Concert will take place at 6:30 pm at the Kowloon Seventh-day Adventist Church (52 Boundary Street, Mong Kok) on Saturday, December 8th! There will be performances from a variety of talented musicians and delicious snacks available for purchase! The concert is donation based and all proceeds from the concert will be used to help families all over the world that have suffered from natural disasters!
Come join us for an evening of family-friendly festive fun!


Want to help but can’t make it to the concert? No worries!
Donate now by clicking the link below!

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