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Corporate Partnerships

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ADRA China would like to partner with YOU!

From corporate social responsibility to employee training retreats ADRA China would love to work with you and your organization!


  • By working with us, you’ll be working with the entire ADRA Network with offices in over 130 countries.
  • ADRA China’s core values are in helping humanity through sustainable, responsible action.
  • ADRA is a Christian-based organization but we believe that ALL people have the right for a better life regardless or race, gender or religion.
  • We have projects in health, environment, development, and disaster relief.
  • We offer tax-deductible volunteer trips that allow your employees to experience true service, humility, and gain a broader world-view. Similar to our ADRA Connections trips  ADRA China can create tailor-made company volunteer trips that will be sure to create a lasting bonding experience that not only benefits your employees, but the people you help as well. 


At ADRA China we’re always look for new ways to help others and we believe that social enterprise is one of those ways. If your company creates products through humane, responsible, and environmentally friendly processes we’d love to get in touch!


To learn more about partnering with ADRA China,  fill out the contact information form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

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