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ADRA China has many events throughout the year, keep checking back here to find out the latest events and fundraisers! 

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2018 christmas Benefit Concert for disaster victims

ADRA China will host its annual Christmas Benefit Concert on December 8th at 6:30pm at the Kowloon Seventh-day Adventist Church in Prince Edward, Mong Kok. The proceeds of the benefit concert will be used to help victims from the many natural disasters that have happened this year.

Come join us for an evening of wonderful music, delicious snacks, and fun for the whole family while giving hope to families in need this Christmas!

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The Ration Challenge

The ongoing conflicts in the Democratic Republic of the Congo have forced millions of people to flee their own homes to nearby Uganda in search of safety. With this huge influx of new refugees there has been an increased shortage of basic necessities such as clothing, bedding and sanitary items.

TAKE THE CHALLENGE! The Ration Challenge challenges YOU to eat like a refugee for a day to help support and raise funds to provide basic necessities for people who have lost everything during this crisis. 

2017 Benefit concert for the Homeless in Hong Kong

On December 16 2017, ADRA China and local Hong Kong charity Sunshine Action hosted a Christmas Benefit concert for the homeless in Hong Kong. A variety of different singers and performers brought in the Christmas season and spirit all while raising money to provide the homeless in Hong Kong with food and necessities like sanitary items, blankets, and more.

On Christmas and New Years Eve ADRA China and Sunshine Action also hosted a gift distribution of the gifts donated from the Benefit Concert to the homeless in Hong Kong