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Qinghai, China
2009 - Present 

Project Overview

Neonatal asphyxia death is a global issue that disproportionally affects those without good access to medical care and information. The neonatal project or “A Baby’s First Cry “neonatal asphyxia recovery program is designed to improve the relevant skills and knowledge of local health workers to enable them to effectively reduce the mortality rate of newborns in the rural Tibetan areas of China.



The Neonatal project invites rural community health workers to participate in a training seminar led by medical professionals in infant resuscitation techniques and care for both mothers and newborns. The trainees then apply their newly learned skills to improve the health of their communities.



Mr. Aozhi

Mr. Aozhi is a 72 year old Tibetan village doctor working in the Ban Naohe Village of Sai Laitang. Mr. Aozhi is different from other medical staff in that he has had no formal medical training. Despite this he was enthusiastic and excited to learn the new skills to better help his community even though he needed a translator throughout the whole course! Aozhi was an exemplary student and has now returned to his village to help using the new skills and knowledge he has learned.