Celia's Story

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It was around 11pm when the strong winds began to blow. Celia, 54 years old is from the Cagayan province of the northern Philippines. She lives with 6 other family members including her grandson and all of them were in the house the night the typhoon hit. They could do nothing but lie down on the floor and pray that their home would withstand the wind and rain. They stayed in their house for more than twelve hours as the force of the wind around them uprooted trees and damaged houses. When the storm had finally passed they found that although there was some damage to their home, their roof was still mostly intact. Unfortunately many others were not as fortunate.

ADRA’s disaster response team is currently assessing the situation and coordinating with other relief agencies and local organizations to provide assistance for the victims of this tragedy. ADRA China is joining other ADRA offices from all over the world in providing aid to the Philippines to help those most in need.

Typhoon Mangkhut is just one of the many devastating natural disasters to have happened within the past few months. Many on the east coast of the United States are dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Florence which has caused at least 17 deaths while the massive flooding has damaged thousands of homes. Just weeks earlier the south of Japan was devastated by Typhoon Jebi and the recovery process is still ongoing.

Now more than ever people need your help. Donate to the ADRA Disaster Relief Fund and make a difference today!

(Story from ADRA Philippines)

Byron Lee