Dennis's Story


When the earthquake struck the remote Southern Highlands Province in Papua New Guinea, Dennis and his family were very scared. The earthquake destroyed their home and damaged their solar panels and sewing machine. When the sun rose that morning Dennis, his wife, and his five children started the long nine hour journey from their home in Maiyora village to the nearest care center in Walagu.

Like many others, for the past five months Dennis and his family have been living in Walagu in temporary shelters made of wood and tarpaulin. Almost all of the people affected by the earthquake have decided to remain at the care center rather than return to their home villages. Some due to the fear of another earthquake striking again and others because they have completely lost their homes due to the earthquake and resulting landslides.Those that stay in the care center rely on food provided by the other villagers of Walagu and provisions provided by relief aid organizations.

ADRA Papua New Guinea and ADRA China, together with the Hong Kong Government’s Disaster Relief Fund is providing food and hygiene kits for some of the most vulnerable families affected by the earthquake.

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Byron Lee