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ADRA China’s focus is on creating positive change in the world through sustainable development. Here’s some information about our current projects.

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Household Biogas Project - Sichuan, China

The Biogas Project uses organic waste from animals and plants to give rural families in Sichuan a clean source of fuel for cooking. Using a biogas unit, families are able to save money and time while also providing a better life for their families by reducing the smoke caused by the burning of wood and coal. 


NEONaTAL PROJECT - qinghai, china

The neonatal project or “A Baby’s First Cry" neonatal asphyxia recovery program is designed to improve the relevant skills and knowledge of local health workers to enable them to effectively reduce the mortality rate of newborns in the rural Tibetan areas of China. 


Disaster RElief - Worldwide

One of ADRA’s priorities is providing immediate, effective and sustainable disaster relief to areas struck by tragedy. Working together with the ADRA Network and other organizations, ADRA China has helped provide disaster relief to a number of different countries around the world including China, the Philippines, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and more.